Sunday, November 8, 2009

Dumb Questions from the Fashion Challenged

We've all heard "there's no such thing as a dumb question but that's not true.

Dumb Questions

When it comes to fashion, there is such a thing as a dumb question. Today on twitter, the trending topic was #dumbquestions and I had to jump right in. Here is my twitter stream about some dumb fashion questions people ask along with my fashionably honest answers.

#dumbquestions re fashion Does what I wear really matter?

FASHIONABLE ANSWER: Leave the house in something f*cked up, then ask me again! If you really think it doesn't matter then you either have Bill Gates type money, live on another planet or don't want to increase your income.

re fashion Does this make me look fat?

BEST FASHIONABLE ANSWER: No, when is the baby due? Oh sorry, I thought you were pregnant! Come on! You know when something makes you look fat, the problem is usually that you just want to keep it.

#dumbquestions re fashion Does this fit?

BEST FASHIONABLE ANSWER: Do you mean right now ? It probably fit when you bought it 5 years about but since then, you've gained weight ... so NO!

re fashion Are pink dress shirts gay?

FASHIONABLE ANSWER: Two men sleeping together makes you gay, not a shirt. So, if you don't start off GAY... it won't make you GAY! However, if you are gay, it does have a tendency to makes you gayer.

#dumbquestions re fashion Can I wear this to work?

FASHIONABLE ANSWER: Are you a hooker? Seriously, think about the type of job you have then decide whether it's appropriate for work.

re fashion Can I still wear this?

FASHIONABLE ANSWER: No and you shoulda never worn it in the first place! Really, if you have to ask, probably not and the main reason is that you'll be second guessing yourself all day.

re fashion Is this shirt see through?

ANSWER: If you can see through it... so can I!

re fashion Black goes with everything, right?

ANSWER: Just because you wear it a lot doesn't mean it goes with everything. So ... NO!

I hope these answers help. And if you have a question, just ask. Dumb questions accepted.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Missed Ya

Hmm, blogging isn't as easy as it looks.

I took a break to set up my website and installed a blog using my host's software - it sucked. No categories, no tags, no links and no FUN.

I also tried out a few new things in my business and on my podcast and guest what??? No fun - at least no fun for me. So I'm back to my cryptic ass blog and ya know what? I don't care, I missed ya!

One day, I'll graduate to wordpress but today ain't the day. I'll make it a New Year's resolution for 2010.

Enough about me, how are you?