Monday, December 14, 2009

First Impressions build your Personal Brand

Everyone talks about first impressions like its the only "good one" that you need to make. Sorry folks but your first impression is just the start of your personal brand.

Make every impression, first and otherwise, count towards building a strong personal brand.

Here a couple of tips for getting started.

Step One: Decide your brand. Just like you would think about what it takes to make a good first impression, think the same way for your brand. The only real difference is that a personal brand needs to be more "personable" so be sure to sprinkle your personality into you makings of your brand.

Step Two: Look for what makes you unique. Brands are powerful because they are associated with something that only you can offer. Use your brand to focus on conveying a feeling, an attitude, the essence of what you have to offer.

Step Three: Be consistent in delivering whatever message you choose. If you want brand buzz then everyone you meet needs to arrive at the same conclusion about your personal brand.

It sounds simple but its not exactly a no brainer because building a brand takes time and even longer if you forget that your first impression helps create your lasting impression and eventually, your personal brand.

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