Monday, February 16, 2009

Men's Fashion Tip: Dress for Success and Look Better than the Next Guy

Here's my favorite fashion tip for men, when it comes to "Dress for Success" - Do everything you can to LOOK BETTER than the next guy!

I wish I could say something sweet, like "just wear something clean that looks nice", but THAT advice is useless and it doesn't work. In part, because other guys will be there in something clean that looks nice too. Same applies to wearing the typical suit; they'll be others dressed in a typical suit, maybe even the same suit. None of that advice is enough to win the room.

The whole point behind Dress for Success is to stand out for all the right reasons, to look credible, competent and ready to claim your success. That's hard to do if you dress like today's just another ordinary day (translate - I'm just another ordinary person).

Do you see yourself as an ordinary person of a successful person, an asset? I would hope the later, because that's the way you want to dress!

My advice: First and foremost, Dress for Success requires that 1) you have a goal and 2) decide what does success mean to you. Is it a new job, a promotion, leadership, conquering the world or a woman?
Only you can decide your goal, my job is to help you dress it!

In the absence of a goal you are not getting Dressed for Success - you are simply getting dressed.


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Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Day Advice for Men

Hey Guys, even if she says she doesn't care about Valentine's day, I am officially warning all MEN don't be fooled by what we say, of course, we care. We're just testing you, now that you know the truth, please don't show up empty handed and without a plan!

I'm going to let you in on a secret, Valentines day and all holidays, are for women - that includes Father's day too. Women, expect to be acknowledged on all major holidays. It's not cause we're greedy, it's because we think we provide "joy" all year long. All we really want are a few days where some of that joy gets acknowledged and returned.

Here's a few more suggestions on how to be a good Valentine.

1) Know that we also want a gift. It could be chocolate, it could be flowers, doesn't really matter - we're expecting something.

2) Don't give us or Valentine's day present early. It's not the same, we need something to open the day. If you give it too us early, it won't count for Valentine's day.

3) Have a plan for dinner. Please don't ask us what we'd like to do, chances are we told you already and you didn't hear it. You're better off already having a plan, we'll either go along with it or change it. Either way, you're in the clear - you had a plan.

Finally, don't try to make us go to bed early because you think you're gonna get lucky. Nobody goes to bed at 8:30 and if you push it, you might mess it up for yourself!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Gideon Grunfeld's Gold - Part One

Looking like the money and getting the money are two different things, I can help you look like you're worth the money but at the end of the day, I want you to see the money! And that's where Gideon Grunfeld comes in.

Gideon Grunfeld shows his clients to set their fees, ask for and get paid what they are worth!
If you've ever wondered if you're charging the right fee for the services you provide, or if you losing business because your fees are too low for the value you provide? Or, possibly even over shooting your market because you're not showing why you are "worth the money?"

My biggest "take aways" are:
  • Show your value
  • Don't base your fees on your competitors
  • and why sometimes its not practical to set fees based on time.
Grunfeld explains it all. Listen to Tailored Edges and my precorded conversation with Gideon Grunfeld, a business consultant, coach, expert in the area of setting consultant fees and how to get paid what you're worth!

In a brief but candid conversation Gideon Grunfeld walks listeners through a number of steps to help you decide how to set your fees and how to get the fee you want!

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Gideon Grunfeld can be reached at

Monday, February 9, 2009

Mr. Sting, Private Investigator and Dick for Hire

Cheating Spouses, meet Mr. Sting, Private Investigator and the one dick you both want to know.

From employee
shenanigans to cheating spouses beware, Mr. Sting, one of my favorite private investigators has the reach and expertise to bust up the party - complete with indisputable proof.

You'll never see him because Mr. Sting, a nationally acclaimed private investigator, is an expert in undercover
surveillance. But rest assured, once hired, he sees what you need to see and that's what matters most!

Mr. Sting shared true life stories and tips to help us decide if its time to hire a private investigator. In the nutshell, if you think you need one - you probably do!

What surprised me most was 1) how most people send out the red flag and 2) why a picture may tell a thousand words but doesn't tell the whole story.

Listen to the entire broadcast at before you make a move, because as Mr. Sting explains, most people wait too late to call and that effects the evidence.

After interviewing Mr. Sting, the next time I need a dick, he's going to be my first choice. Check out Mr. Sting at

Find out what to do and how to tell if you're spouse is "not into you" and "into" somebody else!

Friday, February 6, 2009

My Ring, My Ring, My Lovely Lady Ring

Publish Post

I love to skate. Here's a picture of my skating ring at my lake house. We make one every year, except for that one year when the ice wasn't frozen enough and our neighbor's truck went through the ice!

This picture was taken from my kitchen window.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hey, this Dick doesn't Work

I believe in "truth in advertising" and if you promise hours of fun - I expect hours of fun. So, why then, did I have to return my new battery operated toy.

I was so disappointed, I marched right into the store, set it on the counter and said "this dick doesn't work."

Here's the quick version of the whole story, along with what I'd like to think is a learning point. With the economy being tight, every purchase counts, I need to know my money is being well spent, even if its on a sex toy. The packaging said "hours of fun" and I only got about 1 hour before it broke, seems to me that I was lied to.

I spent an hour in the store selecting my toys, not to mention going out in the cold and fighting the elements. I wanted a high performance toy and what I got was a broken dick. In a mood, I demanded my husband take me back to the store. He did but, of course, he stayed in the car (typical.)

The clerk was kind but perplexed and everybody around the register thought I was nuts but admired my balls. Bottom line, I got a new dick, an apology and a coupon for my next purchase.

The moral of the story is this: Just because you bought it, doesn't mean you have to keep it if it's not working for you. Same rule applies to clothing. Don't put good money after bad, if you get it home and it's not working for you - take it back.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Men's Style: Stop Dragging your Stuff Around

Recently, I posted a question on twitter asking people to guess the three things most men wear wear too long. The answer is jacket sleeves, ties and shirts. I'll explain, starting with jacket sleeves.

Jacket sleeves, mostly suit jackets, should be shorten to show about 1/2 of cuff.

Now, take a look at the difference.

See what I mean? Showing a bit of cuff, sometimes referred to as "showing linen" adds detail and depth to your appearance.

Next are men's ties. Ties should touch the top of your belt. Why? Because it's the most professional and polished look and it's the general standard. It's okay to wear it shorter as a style statement but remember everyone else will think its too short.

Men's dress shirts worn casually and untucked are often too long because they were intended to stay in your pants. Casual shirts are generally cut shorter so they don't look like dresses when they are untucked. So, where casual shirts if you want to let it hang out:)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Men's Fashion: What's up with the Coloreds?

And just when you think the world is settling down in mens fashion, here comes Spring 2009 and a whole bunch of coloreds!

Men's fashion for Spring 2009 features colors ranging from shades of orange to purple, green and red. As a custom tailored shirt girl, I enjoy a respectable balance of color with a classic style.

While others are going around brightly lit, I say let's keep it simple and a little soft - no pun intended. Sometimes, too much color is blinding and takes attention away from the man wearing the clothes.

Other noteworthy mentions for Men's Spring trends include: cardigans, vests, dinner jackets and loosely constructed but well tailored suits.

Your thoughts? How would you do a colored this spring?

Monday, February 2, 2009

Men's Fashion: Keep it in the Closet, Wardrobe Basics 101

Whether it's corporate or casual, there are a few wardrobe basics that every man should own. Today on Tailored Edges, we highlighted Men's Clothing and Wardrobe Basics.

Every man is different but there are some tried and true wardrobe basics that will never fail you. Here are a few of them:

A Sport Jacket and not the typical blue blazer, That's way too basic to attract clients and new business.

Trousers not just pants. We talked about the difference and why you need both.

Dress shirts, casual shirts and polos. How to pick them and how to wear them. Yes, I said "how to" wear them to add some depth to your wardrobe!

Listen to the entire broadcast for another perspective on style and what should be in a man's closet!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Men's Style: Going Down with vigor

Despite a missed pass, Santonio Holmes stood at attention for a possible second time around. And he got it, not only did he catch the ball, held on to it for dear life and went down with vigor. Whether you're a fan or not, that's something we can all appreciate!

Most of us never get a second chance to to catch the ball and that's why there are some things we just have to get right - the first time!

What I admire the most is that when the ball sorta slipped through, it could have been the end of him but this guy made one heck of a recovery and that doesn't happen often in life or business. Your first impression can easily be your last impression.

I'm happy to see that Holmes got his second chance and went down with vigor and helped score a Super Bowl championship for his team. How's that for conviction?