Thursday, February 12, 2009

Gideon Grunfeld's Gold - Part One

Looking like the money and getting the money are two different things, I can help you look like you're worth the money but at the end of the day, I want you to see the money! And that's where Gideon Grunfeld comes in.

Gideon Grunfeld shows his clients to set their fees, ask for and get paid what they are worth!
If you've ever wondered if you're charging the right fee for the services you provide, or if you losing business because your fees are too low for the value you provide? Or, possibly even over shooting your market because you're not showing why you are "worth the money?"

My biggest "take aways" are:
  • Show your value
  • Don't base your fees on your competitors
  • and why sometimes its not practical to set fees based on time.
Grunfeld explains it all. Listen to Tailored Edges and my precorded conversation with Gideon Grunfeld, a business consultant, coach, expert in the area of setting consultant fees and how to get paid what you're worth!

In a brief but candid conversation Gideon Grunfeld walks listeners through a number of steps to help you decide how to set your fees and how to get the fee you want!

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