Monday, February 9, 2009

Mr. Sting, Private Investigator and Dick for Hire

Cheating Spouses, meet Mr. Sting, Private Investigator and the one dick you both want to know.

From employee
shenanigans to cheating spouses beware, Mr. Sting, one of my favorite private investigators has the reach and expertise to bust up the party - complete with indisputable proof.

You'll never see him because Mr. Sting, a nationally acclaimed private investigator, is an expert in undercover
surveillance. But rest assured, once hired, he sees what you need to see and that's what matters most!

Mr. Sting shared true life stories and tips to help us decide if its time to hire a private investigator. In the nutshell, if you think you need one - you probably do!

What surprised me most was 1) how most people send out the red flag and 2) why a picture may tell a thousand words but doesn't tell the whole story.

Listen to the entire broadcast at before you make a move, because as Mr. Sting explains, most people wait too late to call and that effects the evidence.

After interviewing Mr. Sting, the next time I need a dick, he's going to be my first choice. Check out Mr. Sting at

Find out what to do and how to tell if you're spouse is "not into you" and "into" somebody else!

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