Sunday, February 1, 2009

Men's Style: Going Down with vigor

Despite a missed pass, Santonio Holmes stood at attention for a possible second time around. And he got it, not only did he catch the ball, held on to it for dear life and went down with vigor. Whether you're a fan or not, that's something we can all appreciate!

Most of us never get a second chance to to catch the ball and that's why there are some things we just have to get right - the first time!

What I admire the most is that when the ball sorta slipped through, it could have been the end of him but this guy made one heck of a recovery and that doesn't happen often in life or business. Your first impression can easily be your last impression.

I'm happy to see that Holmes got his second chance and went down with vigor and helped score a Super Bowl championship for his team. How's that for conviction?

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