Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Day Advice for Men

Hey Guys, even if she says she doesn't care about Valentine's day, I am officially warning all MEN don't be fooled by what we say, of course, we care. We're just testing you, now that you know the truth, please don't show up empty handed and without a plan!

I'm going to let you in on a secret, Valentines day and all holidays, are for women - that includes Father's day too. Women, expect to be acknowledged on all major holidays. It's not cause we're greedy, it's because we think we provide "joy" all year long. All we really want are a few days where some of that joy gets acknowledged and returned.

Here's a few more suggestions on how to be a good Valentine.

1) Know that we also want a gift. It could be chocolate, it could be flowers, doesn't really matter - we're expecting something.

2) Don't give us or Valentine's day present early. It's not the same, we need something to open the day. If you give it too us early, it won't count for Valentine's day.

3) Have a plan for dinner. Please don't ask us what we'd like to do, chances are we told you already and you didn't hear it. You're better off already having a plan, we'll either go along with it or change it. Either way, you're in the clear - you had a plan.

Finally, don't try to make us go to bed early because you think you're gonna get lucky. Nobody goes to bed at 8:30 and if you push it, you might mess it up for yourself!

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  1. As only Robin can quite put it.

    I love it. Well said and as simple as ABC.

    If they flunk the test after reading it, then maybe they should not have lovers!