Monday, February 16, 2009

Men's Fashion Tip: Dress for Success and Look Better than the Next Guy

Here's my favorite fashion tip for men, when it comes to "Dress for Success" - Do everything you can to LOOK BETTER than the next guy!

I wish I could say something sweet, like "just wear something clean that looks nice", but THAT advice is useless and it doesn't work. In part, because other guys will be there in something clean that looks nice too. Same applies to wearing the typical suit; they'll be others dressed in a typical suit, maybe even the same suit. None of that advice is enough to win the room.

The whole point behind Dress for Success is to stand out for all the right reasons, to look credible, competent and ready to claim your success. That's hard to do if you dress like today's just another ordinary day (translate - I'm just another ordinary person).

Do you see yourself as an ordinary person of a successful person, an asset? I would hope the later, because that's the way you want to dress!

My advice: First and foremost, Dress for Success requires that 1) you have a goal and 2) decide what does success mean to you. Is it a new job, a promotion, leadership, conquering the world or a woman?
Only you can decide your goal, my job is to help you dress it!

In the absence of a goal you are not getting Dressed for Success - you are simply getting dressed.


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