Saturday, January 31, 2009

Men's Style: Stay away from my Beaver!

There's something a little strange about a man in a fur coat. As much as I like to think of myself as being "open minded", I’m never going to get use to seeing a man in my beaver. Some things should be reserved for women only and fur coats are one of them.

Its not that I’m against fur, its personal choice for women. Some women look incredibly glamorous, elegant and warm in their beavers. But when I see a man in a fur coat, my first thought is MAN UP, it’s not that DAMN COLD!

There’s just something about a fur coat on any man that says I’m full of myself. Plus, it goes against the laws of attraction. On some subconscious level, I still expect a man to hunt and gather. Seeing a man walk down the street in a fur makes me think he’s a little full of himself and that goes against the laws of attraction.

That being said, if you’re really into beaver and want to wear man fur, consider a shearling, you get the warmth and feel of fur without the flash.

Monday, January 26, 2009

So you wanna be a Top Man on google?

Check out Jim Cobb from Google Me Talk Radio, this week he shared tips on how to be Top Man on google by building your personal brand online.

Being a top man on google takes some work and know how. This week on Tailored Edges I interviewed Jim Cobb, the "google man". Jim gave listeners expert advice on how to build your personal brand on google. Not only did he tell us what to include on our personal websites, he told listeners how to improve and influence your google ranking so that you, my dear fellows, can all be top men!

Here are a couple of his top tips for branding yourself on google:

1) Be the master of your domain, own you own site and make sure it has your name in it and not just your product of company name.

2) Share information about yourself, your hobbies, values, personal interest and give people an opportunity to get to know you.

3) Subscribe to services that get good google ranking. Jim list them during the broadcast.

Check on the entire broadcast at for Jim Cobb's top tip for branding you and your business on google.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Men’s Grooming: Bush is Out!

It’s official, Obama is in and Bush is out, politically and also in terms on men’s grooming. More and more men are getting on the grooming bandwagon and trimming their bush.

Recently, I conducted my own unofficial men’s grooming survey to find out how many man were actually manscaping. The results, 7 out of 10 have participated in the men’s grooming activity of trimming le bush.

There were two main catalysts for this daring activity: boredom and curiosity. Boredom, you're home sitting and there’s nothing good on the tv. Runner up was curiosity, you see something on tv about women waxing their bush or perhaps heard the rumor that being clean shaven heightens your sensitivity, so as you lather up in the shower you get to thinking about how yours would look and so on.

Either way, you wind up less hairy and liking it. Woman to man, we like the look too.

I encourage all of you to at least try it once, however, as your go-to girl for style, I would be

remiss to not mention a few details if you are thinking about trying this at home.

1) Don't do it drunk or on a dare.

2) Avoid using the kitchen shears. It's rude and gross.

3) Don't go too close. You're not trying to go prepubescent, just trim.

4) Don't try to trim anything you can't see. No explanation needed.

5) Avoid the home wax kit. Wax is messy,sticking and not for amateurs. If you really get into it go visit a men's spa for the real deal.

In closing, manscaping is more common than you think so go ahead and give it a whack, you might like it.

Monday, January 19, 2009

In The Style of a Leader: ML King

You do you look like a leader? Leaders dress with competence, confidence and charisma and what they wear supports their message.

Many admire ML King for his world changing work for on civil rights, I admire him for that and his style. He is my personal icon for the image of a leader.

Today on Tailored Edges, we talked about the qualities of a leader and how to dress for the message you want to send. Using two great men, Obama and ML King, the broadcast wasn’t about their political or social beliefs. Instead it was about how their appearance and style positioned them to be heard among the masses.

Listen to the entire broadcast at then decide if you are dressing in the style of a leader.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Skinny Down with The Wardrobe Diet

Skinny down the easy way. Follow my 3 step wardrobe diet and lose weight instantly, simply by changing your clothes.

Step One: Get rid of anything that makes you look fat! You know when something makes you look fat, so stop holding onto it just cause you own it.

Step Two: Wear clothes that create more vertical lines thank horizontal ones. Say bah bye to those rugby shirts with the big stripe across the chest.

Step Three: Wear neckwear and colors around your face, the right tie and collar draws attention upward and away from your body.

See how easy it can be and no gym required!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Did I ask for a Dirty Sanchez?

Do you really know what you're eating? Your favorite restaurant may be giving you a Dirty Sanchez and you don't even know it.

I am completely grossed out. I was listening to one of my favorite blog talk radio shows - The Daily Mix to get my daily dose of reality and that’s when I heard the news. A slew of restaurants in one of my favorite cities, Las Vegas, were sited for having fecal matter. Not mouse fecal matter but real human. Now, of course, we know its not just in Vegas, that can happen and does happen everywhere!

How does it happen? Easy, despite the signs that are posted in every restaurant that any moron can read - employers are choosing to not wash their hands!

Come on people, if you go to the bathroom and touch anything - wash your hands. If I wanted a Dirty Sanchez, I’d order one.

Apparently, those signs in the restroom don’t mean a thing. Please, I beg all restaurant owners, drill your employees on personal hygiene. Add “immediate termination if you do not wash your hands” to your employee handbook and sign. The not washing the hands thing is not cool - anywhere.

I am grossed out. I can’t even breath, I’m so upset. And the 3 most common reasons people don’t wash their hands: laziness, fear of germs on the facet or they think since they only touched their own package, so its okay. Go figure!

For those of you who refuse to wash your hands, whether you work at a restaurant or just like to network and shake hands, think about how you would feel if someone gave you a Dirty Sanchez and you didn’t ask for one! Not so pretty, right?

Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year, Best You

It's the New Year and everybody is talking about New Year, New You. Personally, I don't like the saying. I like me so why should I change cause its the new year. Instead I like to remember "why" I like me and continue the journey towards my own personal best.

So instead of thinking that you need a "new you" perhaps now is a good time to just get back in touch with your "best you" and present that in 2009.

I do admit an unfair advantage. In my clients closets, I see how people think (or thought) about themselves based on what's in their closet. And quite frankly, most of my clients are so much more interesting than their wardrobes. They don't need a "new you" the problem is they forgot how interesting they are.

If you really want to make a New Year's resolution, how about just being your "best you?"

You can jumpstart 2009 by joining me on every Monday for advice and strategies to discovering, living and dressing your personal best.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome from Robin at Tailored Edges

Welcome to 2009 and my first blog post on Tailored Edges, a blog about men, for men but written by a woman. This blog is about men's image, fashion annd style. I aim to delight, inform and entertain you with different (yet expert) perspective on image and style.

Your comments and questions are welcomed here.