Monday, January 26, 2009

So you wanna be a Top Man on google?

Check out Jim Cobb from Google Me Talk Radio, this week he shared tips on how to be Top Man on google by building your personal brand online.

Being a top man on google takes some work and know how. This week on Tailored Edges I interviewed Jim Cobb, the "google man". Jim gave listeners expert advice on how to build your personal brand on google. Not only did he tell us what to include on our personal websites, he told listeners how to improve and influence your google ranking so that you, my dear fellows, can all be top men!

Here are a couple of his top tips for branding yourself on google:

1) Be the master of your domain, own you own site and make sure it has your name in it and not just your product of company name.

2) Share information about yourself, your hobbies, values, personal interest and give people an opportunity to get to know you.

3) Subscribe to services that get good google ranking. Jim list them during the broadcast.

Check on the entire broadcast at for Jim Cobb's top tip for branding you and your business on google.

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