Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Men’s Grooming: Bush is Out!

It’s official, Obama is in and Bush is out, politically and also in terms on men’s grooming. More and more men are getting on the grooming bandwagon and trimming their bush.

Recently, I conducted my own unofficial men’s grooming survey to find out how many man were actually manscaping. The results, 7 out of 10 have participated in the men’s grooming activity of trimming le bush.

There were two main catalysts for this daring activity: boredom and curiosity. Boredom, you're home sitting and there’s nothing good on the tv. Runner up was curiosity, you see something on tv about women waxing their bush or perhaps heard the rumor that being clean shaven heightens your sensitivity, so as you lather up in the shower you get to thinking about how yours would look and so on.

Either way, you wind up less hairy and liking it. Woman to man, we like the look too.

I encourage all of you to at least try it once, however, as your go-to girl for style, I would be

remiss to not mention a few details if you are thinking about trying this at home.

1) Don't do it drunk or on a dare.

2) Avoid using the kitchen shears. It's rude and gross.

3) Don't go too close. You're not trying to go prepubescent, just trim.

4) Don't try to trim anything you can't see. No explanation needed.

5) Avoid the home wax kit. Wax is messy,sticking and not for amateurs. If you really get into it go visit a men's spa for the real deal.

In closing, manscaping is more common than you think so go ahead and give it a whack, you might like it.

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