Thursday, March 12, 2009

Stir your Own Kool Aid

I'm always amazed at how critical we are of other people, specially when it come to clothing and what someone should or should not be wearing. I have one thing to say to everybody - Stir your Own Kool Aid!

As a stylist people often ask me what I think about what someone else is wearing, usually some innocent person who is minding their own business. I typically try not to reply, simply because I don't walk around mentally redressing strangers. And when I don't reply, usually the other person weighs in with their opinion and its harsh.

Folks, here's a bit of advice - when you point one finger at someone three are pointed back at you. Before you crack the whip on strangers, coworkers or friends, ask yourself if your time would be better spent Stirring your Own Kool Aid?

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