Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Unpleasant Tweets and Twitter Twats

Kool Aid, Twitter Twats - where o where is this blog going! I'll deal with that later, meanwhile, here's what's on my mind. Tonight I met a Twitter Twat.

I made up the phrase, but basically a twitter twat is a female who criticizes other peoples tweet and broadcasts her opinion as fact. Nothing wrong with that but it is a minor annoyance. Here's why.

Twitter is free speech. To criticize others for their tweets is contrary to whole ideal of twitter, even @ev, the founder said "tweet whatever you like."

Twitter is a diverse. The entire concept is to connect, hear and share just about anything you can imagine including diversity in thought.

Twitter is by choice. The follow button and remove are available to everyone. You can even block.

I could go on but there's no point because most of us get it. Just be warned, much like real life there will always be at least "one" twat in the room.

If the Twitter Twat is spraying at you, be strong but not foolish. It never hurts to double check yourself because most feedback is good. But not all feedback is worthy of change. In my case, I write to hundreds of thousands of readers every month in national publications and a handful of cherished people on twitter. I am not you, your will need to make own decision. Decide what's important to you, know that yo can't please everyone, and do what you need to do. Just beware that every action has a consequence.

In this case, my consequence was a minor distraction with a Twitter Twat, that made my decision easily. I thought to myself "fuck it" and I tweeted back and thought I'd post my twitter experience on my blog - tadah!

After you've made your decision, handle it gently, swiftly and move and try to be brief but it may take a couple of tweets for YOU to get your full message across.

Unpleasant Tweets? Remember, its hard to communicate in person and even harder to do it in 140 characters or less.

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